IRS Tax Problem Resolution Services

Orlando IRS tax problemsIRS tax problems happen. Jaime Santiago, CPA can help to resolve your tax debt, delinquent tax problems, tax disputes and IRS back taxes. Our tax consultants are fully experienced in providing effective tax solutions and representation for reducing tax debt, negotiating IRS payments and removing tax disputes. As a locally trusted Orlando, FL CPA firm, we have years of experience with state and local taxes. With a commitment to finding a fair resolution to your IRS problems, we can assist with any of the following services below:

IRS audit assistance and tax resolution:

If you've received an IRS audit notice, you may be unsure what your options are. Jaime Santiago, CPA can provide the knowledge and guidance needed to help you through the audit process. We are qualified to represent you in front of the IRS and will review and prepare your financial records to help negotiate the lowest settlement possible.

Back Taxes

Jaime Santiago, CPA will review your options to file back taxes and delinquent tax returns - all in an effort to minimize IRS penalties and tax debt. Once your back taxes are filed and compliant, we will review your tax settlement options to pay off any outstanding debts.

IRS Liens and Levies

If the IRS currently has a lien or levy on your business or personal property, Jaime Santiago, CPA will help settle your tax debt in an affordable and timely manner to prevent any seizure of assets.

Wage Garnishment

A wage garnishment can have serious implications on your finances and job. Jaime Santiago, CPA can work on your behalf to reduce or stop IRS wage garnishment altogether. We'll help you file past tax returns and compile a financial statement so that you can become IRS compliant and put an end to your paycheck deductions.

Tax Settlement Options

  • (Settle tax debt for an amount less than what you currently owe)
  • Installment agreement (Distribute tax debt across multiple installment payments)
  • Currently not collectible (Removes your case from the list of active IRS collection efforts)
  • Penalty and interest reduction


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